Sample Warnings and Translations For Businesses

General statement/explanation

The translations on this web page are provided as examples of Proposition 65 safe harbor warnings in languages other than English.  A business opting to provide a safe harbor warning pursuant to the Article 6 Clear and Reasonable Warnings regulations may need to provide warnings in a language other than English if consumer information for a consumer product or signage for a facility is provided in a language other than English.  A business should refer to the safe harbor methods and content corresponding to the exposure type for which the business is providing a warning.


The translations on this website are provided for the purpose of assisting businesses transitioning to the new safe harbor warnings regulations.  The translations provided herein represent OEHHA’s best efforts in translating the safe harbor warning content.  If there is any ambiguity, the English version of the regulatory text is authoritative.  A business may wish to consult with a translator and legal counsel regarding the accuracy and applicability of translated warning content for a specific exposure.

Consumer Product Exposure Warnings

Short-form Consumer Product Exposure Warnings

Environmental Exposure Warnings

Food Exposure Warnings



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