Warning Symbol

With some exceptions, the warning symbol is a required element of safe harbor warning content.  The symbol consists of a black exclamation point in a yellow equilateral triangle with a bold, black outline.  The symbol must be placed to the left of the text of the warning in a size no smaller than the height of the word “WARNING”.  If the sign, label, or shelf tag for the product is not printed using the color yellow, the symbol may be provided in black and white.  Businesses may download the symbols provided below for use in Proposition 65 warnings.  A business wishing to provide a safe harbor warning must meet all applicable requirements of the Article 6 Clear and Reasonable Warnings regulations.

Below you will find links to download several sizes of the warning symbols required to be included on most safe harbor warnings for exposures to listed chemicals under the new regulations effective in August 2018.  The formats we provide in the download ZIP file are PNG (Raster) and SVG (Vector).  These symbols are provided by OEHHA for the purpose of assisting businesses transitioning to the new safe harbor warning provisions of the regulations.  While a business may choose to use a different size, color or symbol format, the business may wish to consult with legal counsel regarding the applicability of the safe harbor regulations, and specifically the warning symbol requirements of the new regulations for specific exposures.

Package icon All Sizes of Warning Symbols (Download ZIP)

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